Child & Adolescent PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program)
* 5 - 17 years old

Proudly serving Bel Air, MD community, our Child & Adolescent PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program) is a child-centered, strength-based program supporting the youth to achieve their personal goals and objects.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

Our Child PRP is focused on improving their coping skills, social skills, self-management, and completion of daily tasks.
Child PRP services assist youth to reach their goals in:
  • Educational services support: Assist families with supportive and educational services for IEP’s and 504’s. Provide advocacy.
  • Communication skills: Assist with strengthening communication skills between child, parents, and teachers. Assist with communication between parent and teachers.
  • Wellness: Promote recovery and self-determination process for youth to develop maximum potential.
  • Daily living and social skills: Providing support to youth to develop appropriate personal hygiene, nutrition, and social skills.
  • Positive problem solving and coping skills: Assist youth and families to overcome obstacles and learn positive skills to cope.
  • Relationship building: Assist youth and families to build positive relationships and healthy boundaries.
  • Self-esteem: Assist youth to develop positive self-esteem.
We offer supportive and educational services; IEP and 504 support; communication skills; wellness; daily living, social, and communication skills; positive problem solving and coping skills, relationship building and self -esteem, personal hygiene and nutrition.