Getting Started

Veni Vidi Vici Treatment Services, an opioid addiction treatment center, is where you begin your path to a better tomorrow, today. We help those suffering from opioid addiction to start a medication-assisted treatment program. Call us today schedule an intake appointment. Same day appointments are available. Walk-ins welcome!

If transferring from another opioid addiction program or treatment center provider, please ask your current provider to fax over all relevant paperwork and medical history. Our fax number is (443) 440 - 5128


  •  You are 18 years of age or older
  •  Valid identification — drivers license, state ID or a passport.
  •  All patients must have been dependent on opioids
  •  You agree to adhere to program policies and procedures


Please plan to be at our center for two to four hours on the day of your intake appointment. During this time, you will complete the following:

  •  Review of medical and drug history
  •  Complete a physical examination with one of our physicians
  •  Provide a urine sample for a drug screen
  •  Consultation with intake counselor
  •  Review of program policies and procedures

If approved by doctor, medication can start the same day.
In order to ensure that all patients have a successful treatment experience, there is a considerable amount of important information that must be discussed and confirmed prior to receiving care. Please review the following information to prepare for your intake appointment.

  •  Education regarding addiction, methadone, buprenorphine, administration of medication, and counseling.
  •  Provide your valid identification and go over your insurance. If you do not have Medicaid or Medicare and you qualify, we can help you apply.
  •  Complete paperwork to document your personal, treatment, psychiatric, and medical history.
  •  Inform us of any other medications that you are currently taking.
  •  If transferring from another program or treatment provider, provide treatment records and all other appropriate documentation.
  •  Complete a physical examination with one of our physicians.
  •  Provide a urine sample for a drug screen.
  •  Take a TB test, unless you can provide proof of having taken one in the past two years.
  •  If you are female, you will be required to take a pregnancy test.
  •  If you are pregnant, you must provide written consent from your OB/GYN to document that you are approved to receive medication assisted treatment. If you are not currently seeing an OB/GYN, you can consult with one of our staff members to get referrals for prenatal care.